New Family Member Of Irix Edge Filters System

Written by Gina Stephens


 Irix has magnified the Edge family of filters with a new range of 100mm square system filters.

The base of the new system is the Irix EDGE IFH-100 holder, erected from an aluminium alloy, which can be mounted onto lenses with thread diameters from 52mm to 95mm (using adapter screws which are then tailored into the threads on the lens). In addition, for Irix 15mm lenses, a special bayonet adapter has been developed which allows the lenses to be mounted onto the lens hood mount.

The Irix Nervous IFH-100 allows you to use two filters simultaneously without vignetting and the filter filtering or filters may refer to holder base is equipped with a latch so the new filters can be attached to lenses doubtlessly. Plus, it also allows free rotation when adjusting the filter position.

NANO hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, as well as anti-reflective multi-coatings, were embrocated to both sides of the new filters in order to preserve high contrast and natural colours in your photos. Plus, the hydrophobic coating makes the filters easy as can be to clean and it also means the filters can be used in difficult weather conditions. Irix square filters have a standard 2mm thickness and are made of high-quality optical lorgnon, which is also used for the production of optical elements in lenses.

The filters will be available in two standard formats, 100×150 and 100×100. The blue ribbon, size 100 x 150, will contain gradual filters with a soft and hard transition, as well as a Reverse Gradual filter for enchanting pictures of sunrises and sunsets. The second consists of 100 x 100 full-ND filters, with the entire surface being responsible for light reduction.

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Irix runs and holder are covered by a five-year warranty for mechanical components and the antireflective layer and the come supplied in a case equipped with a magnetic latch. 

No info is currently available on when the new filter range will be available but Irix has said that the first 300 orders will also welcome an Irix Edge Square Filter Protector Set as a free gift. 


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