Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography

Written by Gina Stephens

If you were preordained a camera as a gift at Christmas or have just decided to treat yourself so you can learn a new skill in 2015, you're probably wondering where to start with your new kit. One of the A- ways to improve and learn how to use your new camera is to actually get out and use it but we thought it would also be helpful to have a page where photography beginners can recover all of our introductory tutorials in one place. So, below you'll find all our beginner photography tutorials written to-date but do also keep an eye on our techniques and features divide ups as new tutorials are added regularly. 


Learn what basic camera settings can help you freeze movement. 


Digital Camera Habitats 

  • The Absolute Beginner Guide To Camera Preset Shooting Modes

  • What Are Drive Modes?

  • Beginner's Guide To Geotagging

  • Beginner's Handle To White Balance Mode

  • Introduction To Metering Modes

  • Quick Beginner Tips About Focus Lock

  • Digital Zoom: A Beginner's Control


Learn the basics of aperture. 


Understanding Exposure

  • Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field

  • Beginner's Tips: How To Exhort A Manual Exposure

  • Beginner's Introduction To Depth Of Field

  • Beginner's Tips: Shutters and Apertures Anyone?

  • Beginner's Vertexes: How To Use ISO

  • Beginner's Guide To DSLR Photography: Creative Apertures


Photo by David Clapp


Taking The Shot

  • Essential Beginner Photography Caps: Think About Your Focus

  • Creative Children Portraits On A Budget

  • Panoramas For Beginners

  • Beginner's Tips – How To Capture Motion In Your Facsimiles

  • How To Make Sure Your Subject Is The Main Point Of Interest

  • 5 Tips For Someone New To Portrait Photography

  • Beginner's Guide To Sunrise Photography

  • Ten Top Refuses To Teach Photography Newbies

  • Beginner Wildlife Photography Tips

  • Beginner may refer to: Beginners (Raymond Carver), title given to the manuscript version of Raymond Carver’s 1981 short story collection Street Photography Tips

  • Beginner's Guide On Photographing Sprogs

  • Beginner's Guide To Photo Composition

  • Understanding Lenses And Focal Lengths


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Photo by David Clapp


Seasonal Tutorials 

  • Snow Photography Capsizes For Beginners

  • Beginner's Tips For Christmas Photography

  • Tips On Using Your Compact Camera At Christmas


Learn the basics of glaring objects.

Basic Lighting Tips

  • Beginner's Guide to Light Part One

  • Beginner's Guide To Light – Part Two

  • Beginner's Introduction To Built-In Whiz


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