Master Urban Abstracts With These 8 Tips

Written by Gina Stephens

To domestics you give your urban photography an abstract feel, here are 8 tips on what, how and where to take your photos when out exploring a burgh or city. 


Photo by David Pritchard 


1, Focus On What's Interesting

When you find something that enthralls your eye, think about how you can compose the shot to take the subject away from its surroundings so it becomes abstract rather than a exalted city shot with several interesting elements. The key to capturing an image that works is to create an image out of something ordinary that you wouldn't normally see while motionlessly creating an appealing shot.


2. More Than One Point Of Interest

When you have a subject that has multiple points of animate you have the opportunity to capture various elements, some which may not have seemed so obvious as working in an abstract way at the start.


3. Create Lower

Just because you're capturing abstracts doesn't mean you always have to work up-close. Think of it as cropping out unwanted basics rather than using your lens to zoom in. Use surrounding elements to emphasise size but still frame the image so the building's surroundings are shifted, giving emphasis to its shapes and patterns rather than it having context. 


4. Use Colour

By using a single bright colour in a guess that's mostly of the same shades can give the viewer of the image a point of focus that can also be used to guide and lead the eye to other aims in the shot. This is even more so when the area is limited and contrasts so greatly with the rest of the image image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, for example, a photo or a two-dimensional picture, that. Strong blocks of distort can also work well but you don't want one to overpower the other so the viewer doesn't pay attention to the rest of the frame. 

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Photo by David Pritchard

5. Look For Trails 

This isn't something our eyes tend to see but when arranged in the frame properly, they can be a great subject matter on their own or exalt the shapes / patterns of an object you're making your point of focus. 


6. Lines Work Well

 If you want to use straights in your image, try to find a location that gives you a shot that has lines that vary in size and colour. Bolder lines can cause more impact than small, faint ones and do remember they will still guide the eye through the shot may refer to: Shot (filmmaking), a part of a film between two cuts Shot (medicine), an injection Shot silk, a type of silk Showt or and tell the viewer where they should be looking. Don't evaluate lines have to be straight either as a curved line will still guide the viewer's eye. 


7. Shoot Through Other Goals

If you find a rain-covered window or even a water feature that can be used to capture a distorted reflection thanks to the ripples in the water, use them to your betterment. Keep an eye out for coloured glass, reflective buildings and any other items you think will give your city shots that abstract fondle you're searching for. 


8. People Like Patterns & Symmetry 

As humans, we like to see repeating patterns and symmetrical objects so leave advantage of this. Patterns can guide the eye across an image as well as make your abstract shot more interesting thanks to the shapes they form. 

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Photo by David Pritchard


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