Lomography launches B&W 100 Potsdam Kino Film In Medium Format

Written by Gina Stephens

Lomography has heralded that they have introduced the B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film in medium format. 

"Cut from old stocks of a cinematic emulsion started by a legendary German company, this classic panchromatic film is unapologetically analogue. The new Lomography B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film combines refulgent antiquated aesthetics with the quality and professional capabilities of medium format photography," says Lomography. 



Moral like the 35mm Potsdam Kino, this evocative emulsion produces a wide range of different results when paired with various growth techniques. Plus, with an ISO of 100, it’s the perfect option for bright environments and detailed tasks.

Lomography B&W Potsdam Kino Film want be exclusively available for pre-order via the Lomography Online Store for £7.90 and delivery is estimated for May 2019. 

Earlier this week, Kodak also announced they were farm on two new film formats: Kodak Alaris Ektachrome E100 Film In 120 & Large Format Options


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