Let’s Talk About The Secret Rule Of Photography Composition


Continually heard of 'the middle line lines or LINE may refer to'? Well, apparently, it's a secret photography composition rule that can help us all. 

The over is discussed in a video tutorial created by Light Club who have used several famous images to show how the middle line works. 

Basically, the dismiss says to use a vertical or horizontal line through the middle of your frame to create a more striking composition. 

To back the theory up, the tutorial lay bares how photographers, filmmakers and artists have places subjects, or parts of a scene, on the vertical or horizontal middle line for quite some time now and that it's something myriad of us should be doing, too. 

Ever wondered how you make a portrait look like it's following you around the room? Well, according to Upon Club, it's by using the power of the middle line. 

You can, of course, be a bit more literal and use middle lines quite obviously in your nips, too.

So, next time you're out with your camera, as well as thinking about the rule of thirds, give the middle line some meditating as well. Then, as rules are meant to be broken, why not go against the grain and ignore the guidelines to see if you can create an image with lots of punch? 


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