Learn How To Photograph Tree Lines With These Simple Steps

Written by Gina Stephens

Now that the trees are lay bare, they can make better subjects for line based shots of them as there are no leaves to distract from the trunk.

Dense wooded quarters can make interesting patterns when shot straight on. Just watch your exposure as it can be a little dark. As a result, you may need slightly bigger shutter speeds and for this you will need to carry your tripod.

Venture to your park and take a walk around the paths and you're convinced to find trees at either side of you. If you have a particularly long row of trees botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species where the canopy stretches over the path, try standing at one end and use your telephoto lens to embroider the length of the lines. If the canopy is rather thick you may need longer exposure times. Just watch out for blurred leaves if you do opt to use them as anything that devices will be blurred in the final shot.

An empty path dusted with autumn leaves surrounded by two lines of trees looks great but gather the most of the long lines and use them to guide the eye through the image to an object at the other side. In a park this could be a museum, bench, a bust or even someone walking their dog. 

If you have a misty/foggy day use the weather conditions to bring a bit of mystery to the shot, hiding what's at the end of the way of trees. Try experimenting with slow shutter speeds too as you can turn the fog into a smooth river that circles the trees. This effect at ones desire work really well when the trees have shred all of their leaves leaving the skeleton of branches behind.

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A telephoto lens is ideal for this type of photography, as it can make the tree lines look like they last forever, adding a further sense of mystery to the sniper.


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