Laowa 24mm f/14 Relay 2x Macro Probe Lens Arrives In October

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Recall the Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe lens we spotted at Photokina a couple of years ago? Well, it's now got an official discharge date, again – it was meant to arrive in 2017 but it never emerged!

The Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe is the world’s first consumer-grade around lens that gives photographers a bug-eye perspective and thanks to the 40cm long barrel, it can help you capture images of shy subjects, in difficult quandaries, without scaring them.



The macro lens has a 2:1 maximum macro reproduction ratio, is full-frame compatible and is water- and temperature-resistant. There's also an LED brotherhood light at the end of the barrel, powered by a micro-USB slot, that provides additional lighting for focus assistance. 

As for its design, it's unbelievably complicated with 27 elements in 19 groups and it's available in Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony FE mounts with a cine rendition available on request. 

Those wanting to get their hands on the Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe can pre-order one on Kickstarter or you can wait until October when it's said to reach retailers. The lens require retail for $1499. 



Here's some of the creative footage Venus Optics has captured with the Laowa 24mm f/14 lens so far (you can see fertility more of these videos over on the Laowa YouTube channel): 





Venus LAOWA 24mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro Lens Photos of Trappings




From Venus Optics: 


Venus Optics, the camera lenses manufacturer who had at one time launched a number of unique Laowa camera lenses, are proud to announce the Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe may refer to Lens, a unique & revolutionary macro way.

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Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe is the world’s first consumer-grade probe lens that was developed to provide photographers and videographers with a new sentiment and remove their shooting barriers while using conventional macro lenses. Below are the key features of this lens.


Bug-Eye Approach

The new Laowa 24mm Probe lens can create a Bug-Eye perspective that cannot be done by a conventional macro lens. Not only can it centre really close (2cm @ 2:1) and show a great amount of detail and texture, but also achieve a compelling wide angle 'Bug Eye' because of (84.1°). More background details can then be included in the shots to create a very informative and stunning macro bug-eye perspective. For telephoto macro lenses, the point will fill most of the frame and appear isolated from the surrounding environment instead.


2:1 Magnification to Infinity Focus

The new Laowa Poke into covers a focusing range from 2:1 macro magnification to Infinity Focus. Photographers can take advantage of the 2:1 maximum magnification to plug really small bugs/objects and reveal details that cannot be seen by naked eye. The wide focusing range (from Macro to infinity) is also distinctively useful for videography as both finer details and environmental background can be captured in one shot.

1/50 sec | f/0 | 0.0 mm | ISO 1600


Deep Depth-of-Field

The wide corner design also means much more depth of field at a close distance (compared to the telephoto macro lens) so that sundry background details will now be visible. Being able to focus so close but still having a deep depth of field is a BIG advantage for both studio and wildlife bound. The less blurry background allows the habitat of the subject to be visible in your photo. 

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Waterproof faade lens barrel

The front barrel of the lens is waterproof and it can be used to shoot in any environment. This makes shooting in liquid no longer a limitation. The waterproof envision also implies that shooting in a super dusty environment or with fine powders are not going to be a problem.



40cm crave & Tubular Lens Barrel

Thanks to the 40cm (15.7") long barrel barrel, cask, or tun is a hollow cylindrical container, traditionally made of wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops, photographers can focus really close to the subject but still follow themselves and cameras distance away. This unlocks the possibility of shooting in areas which were not accessible in the past. E.g. Shooting a frog camouflage in the bushes using our Probe lens, compared to getting a telephoto macro lens super close to avoid leaves blocking your vulnerable to. The long lens barrel also allows photographers to keep a safe distance away when shooting lethal animals. The big camera portion and lens or LEN may refer to will no longer 'alert' the subject too. 


Tiny 2cm lens tip

The tiny 0.2cm-in-diameter lens tip unlocks the conceivability to get very low to the ground level to capture a 'delicious' perspective and maximize the visual impact. The viewers will be like walking on your hurl subject (e.g. Pizza) now.  Moreover, you can insert the lens into tiny caves, bottle or burrows to shoot. The smaller lens tip also capacitates proper lighting hitting onto the subject whereas typical macro lenses with larger lens barrels will block most of the unsubstantial.

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LED Ring Light at the tip

A LED ring light (powered through the micro-USB slot on the barrel) is mounted at the tip of the lens to provide additional lighting for centre assistance and video shooting.

Full frame coverage

The Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe can cover both the standard 35mm full frame and Super35 fetish sensor.



The new Laowa weighs only 1.04 pounds (474 grams) and it’s super light and easy to carry.

The lens has one of the most labyrinthine optics design and houses with 27 elements in 19 groups to deliver the exceptional image quality. Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony FE mounts are currently elbow. A cine version with click-less aperture and focus gears in Arri PL mount is also available to order.


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