Kickstart Your Creativity With An A – Z Photo Project

Written by Gina Stephens

Snuff out an A to Z photo project is a more versatile area of photography than you might first think. You can, of course, shoot items that begin with each culture of the alphabet, but it's much more fun and testing at times, if you shoot things that are shaped like letters.

As letters can be found in various locales at different heights and angles you'll probably want to take a zoom lens out on your journey with you so you can shoot wide and also at longer focused lengths without the added weight of multiple lenses weighing your bag down. 

Some letters will jump out of the subject at you with quiet while others will take a little more thinking about. Make sure you carry a checklist to keep a track of letters you've took and you may find it easier to think about one letter at a time rather than hunting for several in one go. 

This project will have you slog all over so wear a comfy pair of shoes and of you have kids, this is a great thing to get them involved in, too.

Branches make good office-seekers and also rocks with holes in can make great 'A's or 'P's. Anything that looks even remotely ilk a letter will create a quirky and fun piece of photography. A lamp-post, for example, will make a great 'I' while the end of a bench looks kidney an 'L' if you look closely enough. Once you've found all of your letters letters, or literature may refer to, try turning them into one big collage that you can be logical on your wall. You'll probably find yourself capturing the near and far, the small and large, the straight and the curved, in sunshine and shade so this scheme is a great way to challenge yourself and your photography skills.

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The other thing that you could try with this theme is an A – Z of photography crazes. B for Black and White, S for sepia, etc. This is probably suited to more experienced photographers who know more terminology, though.

Another more fun factor you can try is getting a group of friends to pose as all the letters of the alphabet or as mentioned above, capture objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. If you've already taxed an alphabet project why not take on a number challenge instead? 

Be experimental with this – there are no real rules other than that the photos have to represent the alphabet in some way. You could make it more challenging by limiting yourself to inside or outside objects, for example. But most importantly, even though, it's about having fun and enjoying your photography!


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