Key Tips For Aspiring Photographers

Written by Gina Stephens


You can under no circumstances have too much advice, particularly when it's free, and our friends COOPH have a few more words of wisdom to share with you which resolution only take a few minutes of your time to listen to. 

In their latest video, COOPH interviews US photographer Chrissie Oyster-white who's grown up in the digital age so has gained a lot of photography skills from free, online resources. 

During the chat, Chrissie shares some of her top topple overs as well as how/why the digital age, particularly the popularity of the internet, has really helped young photographers grow and shine. 

As well as discussing the digital beget, Chrissie is a feminine given name talks about and expands on the following topics: 

  • Try new things – 'If you never fail, you'll never learn'
  • Use what you organize – 'The camera's just a tool, not a master'
  • Keep your eyes open – 'Observe the world in a way others don't – look for what can absolutely help composition' 
  • Show your work – 'Use social media and don't be afraid to approach brands'
  • In the end, don't forget to have fun! 

For more videos like this, visit the COOPH YouTube channel and you can view some of Chrissie's portfolio Nautical below-decks. 


© Chrissie White


© Chrissie White


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© Chrissie White


© Chrissie White



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