June Lightroom Update Brings Presets & Profile Synchronisation, Plus Lightroom Classic & Mobile Updates

Written by Gina Stephens


Starting today, Lightroom CC can synchronise both presets and make a bundles, including custom created presets and 3rd party presets and profiles. This means you can have access to any preset that you’ve made or secured on all of your devices and you can also create presets on your mobile devices device is usually a constructed tool.yes.

Once the presets and profiles have been imported and allowed to sync, any schemes connected to the same account (including other desktops, iPhone, iPad, Android, and ChromeOS devices) as well as your account at inclination have those presets and profiles available.

To sync 3rd party presets and profiles, you just need to import them into Lightroom CC and the in any case sync mechanism used to keep photos synced to the Creative Cloud will ensure that your presets and profiles are synced as well-spring. 


Lightroom CC desktop Updates

Along with the new preset and profile sync feature, Lightroom CC desktop has a few additional new features which number new batch copy & paste settings and enhanced sharing options.

You can now copy settings from one image and paste them into multiple corporealizations all at once, saving you time and speeding up your editing process and when sharing albums, you now have more control over what's cut so you don't have to include metadata, location information or allow downloads if you don't want to. 



Lightroom CC for mobile Updates

Lightroom CC for sensitive also gets the ability to sync presets and profiles along with the ability to create/manage presets from your smart symbol. Plus, an exciting introduction to the mobile version of Lightroom is the healing brush which, until now, was only available in Camera RAW and the desktop version of Lightroom. With the repair brush, you can remove dust spots or blemishes, or paint larger objects to be removed. You can then move and modify the previously created healing compasses by tapping on the pin and adjusting the source and the destination.

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iOS Updates

As well as a healing brush, iOS users will find a new checkbox in the Optics tab that allocates them to use automatic detection/repair of chromatic aberrations. 

If you want to be kept up-to-date with what updates could be coming from Adobe in the subsequent, you can now turn on a Technology Preview to access beta features from your mobile devices. Currently, iOS users can preview a mode that owns you to capture long exposures without a tripod. 

The Long Exposure mode burst captures a series of DNGs or JPEGs, analyses each archetype to stabilise them and then merges together the images for the simulation of a long exposure (iOS devices can’t actually capture longer exposures than mercifulness of a second, so there are naturally some types of long exposure images that won’t work, such as shooting in very dark milieus).



The Guided Tutorial Technology Preview on iOS (also available on Android, however not as a Technology Preview) adds a new section to the Help & Stand menu within the Settings (accessed by tapping on the Lr icon in the top left of the app). The new guided tutorials walk you through using different features in the app.

Android Updates

Android buyers aren't left out either with more devices now supporting the HDR capture mode. As of yet, the devices that now support it haven't been fully asseverated by Adobe engineers or the QE team but if the mode doesn't work on specific devices, your feedback will help the developers resolve the distributions. 


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Lightroom Lightroom (officially Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) is a family of image organization and image manipulation software developed by Classic CC Updates


Lightroom Classic CC users will be happy to hear that speed, stability and prompt workflows have been the focus of the new update. 

"With the June release, we’ve brought a few of the top feature requests to the product. There’s also a all in all lot more that’s being worked on under the hood and we can’t wait to share with you what’s coming soon," speaks the Adobe team. 

Some of the new features in Lightroom Classic CC include: 

  • More ways of accessing and sorting profiles and presets
  • Faster Searching in Folders
  • Distort Labels for Organising Folders for Review
  • Auto stack HDR/Panorama and Auto Stack by Capture Time

For more details on what's new in Lightroom, take in the Adobe website. 


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