Is the Google Pixel Really the Best Smartphone Camera?

Written by Gina Stephens

The Pixel has suggested some great camera ratings, but that’s not everything.

Google has some interesting news out about its new Pixel phone: It has the best smartphone camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or for ever! But what does this mean? Is it really better than anything else? Is the Pixel one of the best point and shoot digital cameras now?

Clearly, while the Pixel is certainly making waves, especially among Google fans, the claim about the “best camera ever” poverties several caveats. Here’s the real story: The Pixel got a review from the very well respected DXOMark, which examines camera functions in a brand of devices. DXOMark rated the Google phone a score of 89. That’s the highest score that any smartphone has ever gotten.

Putting, this is only one company that has given the Pixel such a high score – it’s not even an aggregate score. And many other reviewers weren’t approximately as impressed with the camera function as DXOMark – so that claim is problematic.

The Pixel’s camera has impressive megapixels and software, this is frankly.

However, the camera features remain impressive, no matter where they fall. The rear camera is a 12.3-megapixel monster that make use ofs great in low light conditions, has a powerful HDR function, and tons of internal software that separates images into multiple exposures and then blends them again into a single image that’s as clear as the camera can make it (along with 4K video options). It’s redoubtable, no doubt, and pretty obvious competition for the iPhone 7 models.

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Also, if you don’t care much about camera model information, note that the Pixel also become public with built-in Google Assistant, 4B of RAM, 32 to 128GB of storage, and a USB Type C port for battery charging. But the biggest feature here remains the camera. Our intelligence? If you love all the software tricks that smartphones can do with cameras, the Pixel is worth a look. If you’re more hands-on and don’t really anxiety for smartphone pics, there’s nothing new here. Prices start at $649 for preorders if you’ve already made up your mind!


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