Improve Your Photography With These Free 2019 Photo Contests

Written by Gina Stephens

If you profit from photography, you should definitely consider entering a photo contest. Whether you are an experienced freelancer, or just starting out in the world of photography, entering a photo photograph (also known as a photo) is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or trial is a great experience. Here are three photo contests coming up in 2019 that are free to enter:

  • RHS Photographic Competition
  • New Talents 2019
  • Chiiz Neonate Photography Contest

Even if you don't win the contest may refer to: Competition Will contest Contesting, Amateur radio contesting (Radiosport), you can learn a lot from other talented photographers. Needless to say, winning a contest is a wonderful achievement and a extraordinary way to boost your reputation. If you don't win the first time, don't give up! Consider each contest to be a new opportunity to showcase your best photographs.

1. RHS Realistic Competition

If you enjoy the outdoors, the RHS Photographic Competition is the perfect contest for you. This organization is a charity located in the UK, and they are dedicated to the world of gardening. The velitation is meant to encourage photographers of all ages to explore the beauty of plants and gardens in the great outdoors. Prizes range from cash, RHS memberships, and vouchers. The deadline to up is Mar 01, 2019.

2. New Talents 2019
If you're born after Jan 1, 1994, this is the contest for you. The New Talents 2019 is free to enter. The contest has an open theme, so be sure to submit your tucker photo! The top three winners will receive honorary diplomas and have their work printed by Nikon Serbia, to be featured in the Belgrade Photo Month expo. The deadline to enter is Jan 27, 2019.

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3. Chiiz Baby Photography Contest

Prepare for cuteness overload with the upcoming Baby Photography Contest sponsored by Chiiz. Newborns, toddler, lady, and maternity photos are all accepted. Anyone over 13 years of age can enter, and the goal is to capture life when it is vulnerable and precious. This is a freely contest, and the deadline to enter is Feb 15, 2019.


5 Tips for Winning a Contest

If you've never entered a photo contest before, there are a few strategies that can remedy you gain attention from the judges and be declared the winner. Here are five tips for winning a photo contest:

1. Know the Submission Guidelines

Every game has its own set of rules and requirements. It's important to read through the contest very carefully so you don't accidentally become ineligible. Pay attention to entry deadlines, tractability guidelines, and specifications for image size. The last thing you want is to be disqualified by entering the contest a day too late, or by submitting an image with inappropriate dimensions.

2. Authenticate Your Eligibility

Be aware that some contests restrict entry to a certain geographic region, or have an age requirement. Many photo altercations require entrants to be at least 13 years of age. Other times, the contest may be for young beginners– so you'll have to sit this one out of you're an older, more seasoned photographer.

3. Use Photo Editing to Improve your Photo

Unless it's specifically against the rules, be sure to touch up your images with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel correcting software. This will allow you to optimize the color, brightness, sharpness, and much more. One of the best things you can do is download a collection of free Lightroom presets which present countless filters and image effects. You can easily enhance your image with the simple push of a button.

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4. Focus on the Theme

When it recover consciousness to art, it's easy to let inspiration move us in a variety of directions. However, be sure to keep to the theme of the contest. If you're entering a baby photo challenge, don't let yourself get distracted by other objects, such as food, toys, animals, or anything else nearby as you set up a shoot. If you enter a portrait photo combat, brush up on your portrait photography skills and save the landscape shots for another day. It's important to stay focused on the theme or you may be disqualified. 

5. Order a Story

If you want to catch the eye of the judges and win the contest, your photo needs to tell a story. Something interesting needs to be happening in the image. The winsome photo will be one that conveys a powerful idea and invokes a certain emotion in the viewer. As you set up your photo shoot, ask yourself: What do I long for people to feel when they view my photo?

Photo Contests Help You Improve

Photo contests are a great way to grow as a photographer. Pleasant is a great feeling, but entering a contest is not only about winning – it's about telling your story while embracing the contest's core monograph. It's not always easy to stay within rigid guidelines, but with practice, you will find yourself becoming a better photographer. 

Most booming photographers rely on having the ability to listen to instructions and deliver art with a certain message. Whether you photograph weddings, nature, portraits, or cityscapes, you'll turn up that by entering more contests, the quality of your photos will greatly improve. You'll gain the skills needed to please your viewers, and shoppers – and most importantly – yourself. 

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