Huawei Mate 20 Lite Now Available In UK

Written by Gina Stephens

Huawei be suffering with announced that the Mate 20 Lite smartphone, featuring 4 AI cameras is now available to buy in the UK. The phone has some impressive camera features:

Photography Idiosyncrasies – Front Cameras:

  • AI-Powered System – Enhanced 24MP RGB + 2MP Depth front cameras recognise more than 200 unusual scenarios across eight categories – Blue Sky, Beach, Plant, Night, Stage, Flower, Room and Snow – optimising photos scene-by-scene for whole shots every time.
  • HDR Pro Support – The front cameras support real-time HDR preview and video recording, producing outstanding clarity with precious, vibrant colours, even in dark environments or on back-lit subjects. The HDR Pro also uses RAW image data to greatly improve the quality of the final create, as well as the speed of the process.
  • 3D Portrait Lighting – The five professional lighting effects (including soft lighting, butterfly lighting and stage light-huing), combined with Huawei’s 3D facial modelling, can precisely recognise the five facial zones of a subject and identify which areas stress to be enhanced.
  • 3D Qmoji – This fun feature leverages the dual front camera to generate a personalised 3D Qmoji (in GIF or video formats), perfect for animating and expressing yourself to allotment with friends on social media.

Photography Features – Rear Cameras:

  • Intelligent Shooting Experience &ndash dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to U+002D – hyphen-minus and U+2212 − minus sign, but differs from these; The on-device, AI-powered set-up has studied more than 100 million images to be able to recognise over 500 scenarios in 22 categories including Portrait, Erotic Sky, Snow, Ancient Building, Fireworks, Plant, Cat, Dog, Text, Food, Car and Night. The AI automatically identifies different scenes and adjusts the camera settings accordingly, accommodating users with the best possible results using the 20MP RGB + 2MP depth enhanced rear cameras.
  • Smart Composition – This emphasize helps beginner photographers properly frame their shots before pressing the shutter button. With practice, users will be clever to pick up basic composition techniques with help from the Mate 20 lite.
  • AI-Enhanced Bokeh – The majority of dual-camera smartphones already on the customer base have difficulty differentiating the subject from the background, so the resulting background blur effects are improperly rendered. To address this pain details, the Mate 20 lite leverages a dedicated depth camera and specialised AI algorithms to accurately trace the outlines of subjects, creating natural picturizations with authentic bokeh.
  • Super Slow Motion – In slow motion mode, users can capture a snippet of action at 480fps, and then coverage it back 16 times slower.
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The Mate 20 lite is available to purchase from RRP £379 at Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone from today, with EE to shadow from October. The device will be available in two colours; Black and Sapphire Blue.

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