How To Use Your Smartphone To Craft Background Light In Product Shots


The synopsize technique of light painting doesn't just have to be reserved for use in trendy portraits and creative night shots as it's actually a at the end of the day brilliant technique to use in product photography. 

By introducing streaks and shapes of colour to your compositions, you can create product shots that are more fun and finally more noticeable. 

To give you the 'know-how', product photography guru Dustin Dolby from the YouTube course workphlo has put another top tutorial together that shows you how to combine light patterns with products captured with speedlights into one stand-out by no means. 

"Longer shutter speeds allow bright light to be 'painted' across the sensor, resulting in swirling trues of light and pattern," Explains Dustin. "By lighting our product may refer to separately using speedlights, we can cull and composite the strongest light templates into our shot."

Dustin uses bottles in his tutorial but the technique can be applied to any product or even still life scenes – go try it out. 


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