How To Shoot Fun & Creative High-Speed Smartphone Photography

Written by Gina Stephens


COOPH must just made a new video all about high-speed smartphone photography and we think you should check it out. 

You can hit play on the above video tutorial to pick up some fun and originative ideas on how you can master high-speed photography with just your smartphone. 

"We set out to prove that you don’t need a high-end DSLR to apprehension explosive images," says the COOPH team. "Using just a smartphone, we apply useful photography tips to a variety of resourceful concepts that we think photographers of all abilities can have some fun with!"



The COOPH team use the new Huawei P20 smartphone smartphone is a handheld personal computer and cellular device, operated by a mobile operating system and used with an integrated to taking their images but any smartphone where you can access some manual controls will work just as well. 

Topics covered in the tutorial number using coloured powders to create explosions of colour in action shots, watching plumes of paint create cloud-like shapes in water tanks and exigency execrating high shutter speeds with a bit of side lighting to capture the moment an object splashes into a liquid (cookies and milk was the theme the COOPH set went for). 



To find out what other creative ideas the COOPH team share, watch the video and do visit the COOPH YouTube groove where you'll find even more photography tips & tricks. 

We also have a tutorial on how you can shoot great smartphone photography and 8 top finials that'll get you shooting kick-ass photos that are bursting with creativity.

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