How To Shoot A Vertical Panorama With An iPhone

Written by Gina Stephens


We didn't truly come up with this technique, we found the tutorial over on Apple's YouTube channel but we thought it was such a cool idea, we'd ration it with you. 


How To Shoot A Vertical Panorama On The iPhone

If you scroll along the camera options at the bottom of the camera app, you'll find the chaperoned panorama mode that makes it really easy to capture a panorama. Now, usually, we'd hold our phones vertically and pan from left to rectify to produce a traditional panorama but if you hold your smartphone in a landscape orientation and pan up, you can create a vertical pano that stands out from the herd. 



Step-By-Step Instructions: 

1. Open the camera app

2. Switch to panorama mode (swipe along the options towards the source of the screen)

3. Hold your iPhone in a landscape orientation so the built-in panorama mode now looks like it's pointing upwards

4. Get your draft right

4. Hit the shutter button and move/tilt your iPhone so the image begins to fill the space where the arrow is (move slow and confirmed)

5. Keep going until you have captured everything you want to then stop moving your phone so it knows to end the capture

6. View your panorama in your photos gallery


Be chary with the scene you choose as drastically different areas of light and dark can really screw with the exposure of the image and it can be tricky to support a straight line which means pixels might be missing (shown in the cropped image to the right) or end up distorted but as the saying goes – practice make amends move asides perfect.

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You can crop unwanted areas out with the iPhone's editing tools or indeed in an editing app such as Snapseed. Plus, you can adjust the jeopardy, add filters and more if you do open your vertical panorama up in a photo editing app. You may also have to switch the orientation of the image you've captured but it's extremely easy and quick to do. 

Lens distortion can make some scenes appear as if they bend towards you which you'll even betrothed or hate. Sometimes the effect works, while other times you'll want to open it up in Photoshop and use the lens correction tool. 

As for causes, tall things obviously work well such as trees, waterfalls, wind turbines and skyscrapers. Unfortunately, we don't have these in overflow around ePz HQ so a crane on an industrial estate is our subject of choice but you get the picture! The image was captured with the iPhone 8 Plus.




For diverse tips on capturing vertical panoramas panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in with an iPhone, check out Apple's full vertical panorama video tutorial beneath: 



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