How To Photograph Water Creatively – Ice, Fire & High-Speed

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If you touch H2O was boring, think again as our friends over on the COOPH YouTube channel have put together a really cool tutorial on photographing water creatively. 

With a DSLR, tripod and a seldom bit of experimentation, COOPH show you how to make a real splash with your images! All of the themes are super-easy to follow and the results are really impressive. 

The 5 water-themed casts and tricks featured in the video are: 


1. Frame With Ice


Place objects in a lunchbox, fill with water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans, and, pop it in a freezer and now frozen, put the frozen block in front of your lens. If you can, use a reflective surface to photograph it on and light from both sides. If you don't want to lacuna for the block to start melting, hit the ice with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel a hammer (carefully) to create sharp edges that will give your images a cool (ha!) fidgety. Please do remember that water and electronics don't mix well so do be careful!


2. Fire On Water


This one you need to be very attentive with as it involves lighter fluid and flames but the results are rather awesome. You need to add food colouring to water, top it up with lighter fluid and then CAREFULLY luminosity the fumes. The COOPH team even introduced ice to give their images a juxtaposed theme of 'hot and cold'. This capability not be one you want to try in your living room, however! 

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3. Long Exposures Outdoors 


It's not something that settle upon ever go out of fashion as blurry waterfall shots are just really pretty things. Remeber your tripod and filters, find an ideal smidgin then dial in the longer shutter speeds. 


4. Create A Water Portal 


Staying outdoors, you can place glasses at the edge of lakes or even in the sea to create a dream-like portal into another world. Lakes tend to always be on the cool side but at this in good time of year, in particular, they're bitter so don't wade into the water. Just placing the mirror at the shoreline so it's just be in session in the water will still produce creative shots. Make sure the mirror is secure, too, as you don't want it sinking or floating away on billows. 


5. High-Speed Photography


With a clear tank filled with water, objects you can find at home and flashes to freeze-up motion you can create really cool images. One flash on each side will freeze splashes, water bubbles and the object(s) as they wash-bowl towards the bottom of the tank. Fruit is a popular choice but any objects can work (the COOPH team even used old cameras). 

As well as renounce objects into water, you can create water bursts by popping water balloons. If you get it right, you can capture the moment the water begins to escape the balloon in a round shape of spray. 


More Cool Photos 







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Get Various Creative 

If you have any more creative water-themed ideas, please do share them below and staying with the creative theme, you should also purloin a look at COOPH's tutorial on photographing portraits that are a little more creative and their techniques for having a little photography fun at your desk. 

All Photos &duplicate; COOPH


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