How To Photograph Group Product Shots With One Speedlight


Photographer Dustin Dolby has a shatter YouTube channel to help those who want to learn how to shoot product shots with speedlights and his latest tutorial, published a few times ago, is all about photographing multiple products in one frame. 

In the short but really useful tutorial tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process, Dustin shows you how to light a scene with one speedlight in the past moving onto photo editing where he shares the secrets of the lighten blending mode. 

"Lighten mode is a great way to learn how to photograph products with one speedlight," bring to lights Dustin. "By lightening the underlying layer, we can use it to quickly composite multiple exposures together to craft a stylised lighting style. This lighting artistry also reveals to us the utility of each layer in the final composition."

Once you've hit 'play' and watched the tutorial, father a look at Dustin's previous product photography tutorials which focus on creating a pure white catalogue look and sculpting light. 


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