How To Make Your Video Footage Look Cinematic Fast & Professional


In fresh years, a number of digital cameras have offered the ability to record, not just video, but high-resolution 4K video which brings many helps to both photographers and videographers.

As a result, many are now using cameras which were once associated with capturing just stills for video. Asset, we can't forget the action cam market that's grown incredibly popular with the likes of GoPro having a huge following nowadays.

At any rate, capturing video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media.Video was first isn't the same as hitting the shutter button to capture a photograph and it comes with its own skill set that you need to master. To commandeer you do this, Youtuber Sheldon Evans has put together a tutorial that will show you how to make pro-quality footage in-camera before you open up Adobe Premiere (or whatever software you may use to compile video). 

"In this tutorial, you'll learn how to re-create epic looking video footage without the expensive gear using these scrap techniques, tricks or "hacks" if you will. DIY filmmaking is the name of the game today," says Sheldon.

Here are a few of the topics overlay: 

  • Types of camera moves
  • How to get stable handheld video
  • Using your regular tripod for video shots
  • Using a piece of bluff as a tripod and slider
  • Adding digital camera moves in Premiere Pro


After watching the 5-minute video, you should also check out some of Sheldon's prior to tutorials which include creating 5 DIY camera accessories with things found around your house and a quick three-minute tutorial to cure photographers speed up their Lightroom editing. Sheldon has also recently switched back to full frame cameras after using crop sensor cameras and you can boon out why here: 'I Abandoned Full Frame For Crop Sensor Cameras But Now I've Changed My Mind.'

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