How To Make A Simple DIY Lens Hood

Written by Gina Stephens


Our babies COOPH are great at coming up with inexpensive photography hacks (check out their DIY Light Modifier tool) and their latest tutorial, decidedly again, is all about how a little DIY can save you £ and improve your photography. 

In the above video tutorial, the COOPH team walk you with the aid creating a DIY lens hood and all you need is a plastic bottle, some black paint and a pinch of creativity to make it work! it's outgoing to make and best of all, you can do it at home without a huge amount of cash. 

Click play, scribble a few notes and if you do make your own lens hood, we'd lose ones heart to to see the results in the comments section below. 

Here are some 'before & after' photos that were taken with and without the lens hood in unsuitable: 





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