How To Create Your Own LUTS In Photoshop


Here's a incandescent tutorial that will help you understand and create your own colour grading LUTS in Photoshop.

LUTS have become incredibly current recently and it's become somewhat of an obsession, with some, to obtain as many LUTS as possible but what a lot of photographers and creators don't realise is that it's thinkable to create your own, right inside Photoshop.

"Forget about spending hours trying to match the colour grade on each of your photos or infuriating to match your photo style to your video style. Now you can create one master preset that you can apply to all of your video and photo serenity," explains Sheldon Evans, whose YouTube channel is well-worth checking out. 

In the video tutorial, Sheldon covers the following area of studies:

  • How to use Colour or colour (Commonwealth English) is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names Balance to add tones to your shadows and highlights
  • Using curves to add a fade/vintage look to the image
  • Saving your colour condition as a LUT to use on your other images and videos
  • Using a Color Lookup layer to apply the LUT to different images 

By the end of the tutorial, we hope you have a sport understanding, as well as the skills you need, to make LUTS using colour balance tools in Photoshop – Enjoy! 


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