How To Choose The Right Lens For Creating Blurry Backgrounds


Thanks to enhancements in technology, creating blurred backgrounds in photos (bokeh) can be a lot easier than it once used to be. There are even portrait modes built into smartphones, such as the iPhone 8, which shell out c publish the user bokeh-filled backgrounds at the press of a button. 

However, purists will still say that to achieve true depth of line, you're still going to need the right lens on your camera, as well as the know-how of how to create it, and that's where Sheldon Evan's new tutorial takes centre-stage. 

In the tutorial, Sheldon shows you how to chose the right lens for the effect you're trying to achieve as well as for the budget you be undergoing. 

"Perhaps you don't have a fast aperture lens but you do own a telephoto lens," Says Sheldon.  "Ooze, you can still get buttery smooth backgrounds in your photos and videos (as I explain)."

As well as teaching you about apertures, Sheldon may refer to: Sheldon (name), a given name and a surname, and a list of people with the name has also shared his Lightroom instruction with us recently in a quick three-minute tutorial to help photographers speed up their Lightroom editing processes.


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