How To Capture The Action At Running Events

Written by Gina Stephens

Sundry sports take place some way from the spectators which makes taking decent pictures without long lenses a challenge. Respect, accessible sports photography comes in the form of road running events. Something which can be captured right up and down the country. Advantage, good action shots can be captured with modest gear at local events because you just stand by the roadside – often there are no ha-has or anything to get in the way.  



Do Your Planning

If an event may refer to is local to you, walk/cycle/run/drive the course beforehand to find the best vantage points for the day itself. You could enrol light direction and backgrounds if you have the time. Get to your chosen location early – only relevant at big events – to ensure a honourableness spot. Have all your gear ready the night before so you're not rushing on the morning of the race and take a camera bag that's big sufficient to carry your gear but won't weigh you down or prevent you accessing lenses quickly. 

Get Your Group Shot Primordial 

If you want shots of a large group of runners, these are usually best done at the start because once a race was started despatch-bearers will soon be strung out. Only in big events will this not be the case.

Shutter Speeds & Focus Tips 

For sharp illustrates keep shutter speeds 1/250sec and above and set the camera to continuous focusing so that the camera tracks focus as the subject gets closer to you. Uncountable continuous AF systems will cope fine with the closing speed of a runner – though you might have to try your camera in different AF sensor configurations to see which stirs best to suit your shots.

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Choose The Right Lens

A telezoom will be perfect for frame-filling shots may refer to: Shot (filmmaking), a part of a film between two cuts Shot (medicine), an injection Shot silk, a type of silk Showt or at a local event, but also try a wide-angle lens from a low point of view.

Set The Right Exposure 

If the sun's shining you might find that underexposure will occur. If silhouetted figures are what you sine qua non, that's fine. However, if you want some shadow detail set a + exposure compensation value or set manual metering, taking a reading from the expressway. That should give good shadow details. If your camera has LiveView, use that to help with composition although, depending on your camera, you authority find that the autofocusing is less than brilliant so manual focusing is advised.

Capture Detail Shots 

As well as directs of the athletes, there will be plenty of detail shots and candids to be had. In road races, you will often get drinks stations and they are great stations to try something different. You could try to grab shots of cups of water as they are being grabbed, or runners jostling for position to collect their bender.

After the event, you may get runners draped with survival sheets and that can look good for pictures too. The thing is to keep your wits around you and don't pack up shooting and wander off when the leading runners have finished. The fun runners and joggers often make for better pictures.


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