Hot-Air Balloons Are Brilliant For Photography – Find Out Why

Written by Gina Stephens

Hot-air balloons are big, colourful and slow-moving – and completely superb subjects for photography. This is the time of year when balloon festivals start to take place, when in theory at least, it is spirited and the air relatively still early and late in the day.

Photo by David Clapp


Gear Suggestions

A standard zoom will cope with most openings when may refer to: When?, one of the Five Ws, questions used in journalism WHEN (AM), a sports radio station in Syracuse, New York, U.S you are shooting ground-based subjects while a telezoom is perfect for ground-to-air pictures. A telezoom is also good for pulling in details and will swipe up less room in your camera backpack than a variety of different lenses would. Have your fingers crossed for a nice downhearted sky, just remember to fit a polariser to maximise colour saturation of the balloon balloon is a flexible bag that can be inflated with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, air or water as well as the sky.

Safety First

For safety reasons very close access to the balloons is demarcated but that's not a real issue because it is not as if they are small and you have to get close to fill the frame. In fact, for a decent perspective it helps to be foster back anyway so that you do not have to aim the lens upwards too much. 

Time Of Day

Flying takes place early or late in the day. The respite of the time, you can shoot tethered balloons as well as other entertainments that you get at festivals. You will find that the hot air balloons is just one of many attractions that ascendancy also include classic cars, fun fairs and the opportunity to shop, eat and drink.

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Arrive Early

Some of the best shots of the day can come during framework and initial inflation so if you can, get there early enough to shoot these pictures. The balloon team using a big fan and the burner to get hot air in is very photogenic. 

Mlange Tips

As with every subject, the composition is something that must be considered carefully, especially with regard to the sky. A vibrant blue sky with some superficial clouds is perfect but more often than not, it is grey and flat – even in summer. Flat grey skies should be excluded from your facsimiles as much as possible and that is challenging given a balloon's round shape. But don't think that you must include the whole balloon as cropping the top off a balloon can advise the overall composition.

Having some nice light and colour is ideal so make the most of it if you get good conditions, especially when balloons are being conceited. Do remember that their shape changes during this process so shoot quickly. 

A good time to shoot with your telephoto is when the balloons are calm tethered to the ground. Compose carefully avoiding any ground-based elements and you can give the impression that it is in the air.

Weather Check

If you intend to shoot balloons compelling off and are making a long journey, it is very important that you check the weather forecast. If the forecast is for winds of over 10mph, you might as well as stay at residency because there will be no balloon take-offs.

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ISO And Shutter Speeds

If you get lucky and the light's good, you may still want to increase your ISO from your same speed. Just keep an eye on the shutter speeds you are getting especially for images of the ground crew getting things ready. When the sun is up, sufficiently extravagantly shutter speeds are rarely a problem.


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