Here’s A Lightroom Workflow That’s Well Worth Checking Out


Lightroom is a in point of fact great tool when you know how to use it right but managing images with the software can seem a little complicated if you've only just started employing the software.

So, to help you out, a photographer named Tyler Stalman over on YouTube has put a really great tutorial together that will get you Lightroom-savvy and. expectantly, will help turn you from a beginner to pro in not much time at all. 

Now, the tutorial tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process does presume you are familiar with Lightroom basics (how to denotation photos, what catalogues are etc.) and it's also aimed at those who capture lots of images so if you're just a casual shooter who snaps one or two symbols, this tutorial probably isn't for you. 

The workflow walked through is Tyler's own method but he does say it can be used easily by other photographers and it crosses things such as data management, presets and exporting images from Lightroom CC Classic. 

It's a pretty detailed tutorial and is circa 12-minutes long so you should be able to pick up lots of useful tips – enjoy. 


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