Hasselblad Firmware Update For X1D-50C

Written by Gina Stephens


With the hand out of the XCD 65, 80, and 135 lenses, including the X Converter 1.7, Hasselblad has introduced a firmware update that will allow the X1D-50C camera to support these lenses. 

This update also tabulates a list of minor improvements that advance the overall functionality of the X1D- 50c mirrorless medium format camera. As with all X1D-50c and XCD Lens firmware updates, these upgraded kissers are easily downloaded through the 'My Hasselblad' section of the Hasselblad website.


Support of Newest Lenses
The XCD 2,8/65, XCD 1,9/80 and XCD 2,8/135 are reckoned to the lineup of supported lenses may refer to for the X1D-50c. Note that these lenses must also be updated to firmware 0.5.33 as well.


New Exposure Grouping option
It is now possible to set an initial delay in order to avoid camera shake on long exposures.


Indication of Auto Focus Examine Range in Live View

With lenses that support divided scan range of Near, Far, or Full, a visual icon will be verified in Live View indicating when Near or Far settings are enabled. Currently, the XCD 120 and XCD 135 lenses support this feature.




Customisable icon plan on main menu screen
Drag and drop icons to rearrange quick-access shortcuts to settings and options on the X1D-50c’s main menu screen.


New Custom Button options
Three new practice button options are available, including Live View On/Off, Drive to Near (minimum focus distance) and AF Scan Range Cycle.


New Self Experience option
It is now possible to turn off the front flashing LED during the Self Timer countdown.

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AF with HC/HCD Lenses and Converters/Extension Tubes
Autofocus for compatible HC/HCD Lenses via the XH Adapter numbers expanded support of select H System lens accessories including extension tubes and select adapters.

Reset Focus point in Exist View
Set Focus Point back to the centre directly while in Live View by pressing the Cross (X) Button.


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