Got Time To Kill? This App Takes 3 Days To ‘Develop’ Photos

Written by Gina Stephens


If you're craving a bit of nostalgia, the Gudak Cam app force just be what you're looking for.

Yes, we know it's an app which, with its modern connotations, doesn't make you think 'proceed down memory lane' straight away but it will, once you know a little more about it.

Basically, the app mimics old film cameras so you can't see what pictures you've captured straight away. Instead, you have to wait a couple of days for the photos to 'develop' as you would have when you tempered to to send a roll of film off to Boots to be processed 'back in the day'.

It might sound like a weird concept but, according to reports, it's make good to be very popular in Japan and South Korea. 

The Gudak app gives you 24 shots (like an old roll of film) and once you've reach-me-down all 24 negatives, you have to wait three days to see what images you captured with your phone. The final images are designed to emulate the look and think refers to ideas or arrangements of ideas that are the result of the process of thinking of an old Kodak disposable camera which is also the look the app is going for in its overall design. 

To some, it may seem a bit crackers waiting 3-days for photos when in authenticity, you can just use your smartphone's camera to capture and view an image instantly. However, perhaps it will encourage people to actually terminus and think about what they're photographing rather than getting trigger happy with the shutter button. 

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