Fun Portrait Photography Tips

Written by Gina Stephens

If you be to use natural light head for a space with a large window or if you prefer to use artificial lighting, a simple two light setup, positioning one light diet to either side of the model should do the trick. Plain backgrounds work well as it's the expressions we're interested in not the colour of the scenery. We utilized a studio background but a table cloth, sheet or wall will work just as well.

As you don't want your subject's appear before to be blurred, make sure you're using a quick enough shutter speed when shooting hand-held. If you're using natural abuse and are having problems with shake, stick your camera on a tripod. Watch your white balance too as you'll be putting these swigs together at the end and if the white balance is right in-camera, there will be less work to do once you have the shots on your desktop.

Don't dream this is something for just DSLR users either as when using natural light, a smaller compact will work may refer to amusing. 

When it comes to taking the photographs, don't linger on one expression for too long as if your subject thinks about what they're doing for too protracted it can look a little fake. You'll also find it's more fun to shout out instructions rapidly as it can sometimes go wrong, giving you the chance to lay your model laughing or pulling an expression you didn't expect. Have a list of ideas to hand, particularly if you're working with kids who constraint a little more instruction, but don't be too strict with it. Adding props such as food or a drink can work well, too.

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If you want to create a triptych or other chic of portrait collage, simply re-size them in your chosen software, check the tone and brightness, then pull all the images onto a new record, positioning them as you go.


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