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Be it a Sunday lunch you've cooked at territory, a selection of groceries found on a stall or a collection of spices you've taken out of your kitchen pantry, food is something that's effortlessly accessible which makes it a great subject for photographers. You can create still life pieces, get creative with props or just really target in on the food item itself. Don't be afraid to experiment and remember to upload your fab food shots to the ePHOTOzine gallery or the Photo Month forum.

To get you evaluation about food as a photographic subject, we've brought our food photography related pieces together so you can brush-up on your technique before plundering the fridge for interesting food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism items worth photographing.


Outdoor Food Photography Tips

Photographer Taylor Mathis unfolds how to take cracking food shots outside. 


Quick Food Photography Tips

Capture great food-filled shots with these 3 hurried but essential tips. 


Food Photography On Your Travels

If you're heading off for some half-term sun or a planning on venturing away from the UK fresher in the year, take the time to enjoy and admire local dishes but don't forget to capture a few shots of them first! 


10 Top Dumps On Food Photography

Here's ten tips that'll help you grasp the basics of food photography in a few easy steps. 


Taylor Mathis' Eatables Photography Tips

Food and lifestyle photographer Taylor Mathis shares his tips on lighting and how different types of light will change the look of your images. 

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5 Multifarious Food Photography Tips 

More tips, including where to find inspiration, can be viewed in this article. 


Eats Photography Tips From Jamie Oliver And David Loftus

Last year, Nikon teamed up with Jamie Oliver and David Loftus to make known you some top food photography tips and here they are. 


More Food Photography Tips From Jamie Oliver And David Loftus

Nikon travel food photography further and offer a few more tips on taking top shots of starters, mains and puddings. 

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