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Written by Gina Stephens

Flickr is starting to cut photos from the portfolios of users who have a free membership with them. 

The move comes after the photo-sharing website shifted its terms and conditions, saying they would no longer be giving members 1TB of free storage (which is, give or take, 200,000 photos).

If you'd liking for more storage, you can get it, but it will cost either £47.88 a year (billed annually) or £5.99 a month for those who prefer monthly instalments (&hammer out;71.88 a year). 

Flickr members have had mixed feelings in regards to the changes with some looking for ways to batch download their photos preceding they disappear. 

If you are a Flickr member looking a new photo community to share and upload your images to, in comparison, ePHOTOzine transfers its free members the opportunity to upload 50 images per month to their own portfolios and 1 gallery upload per day (this ensures that every fellow that uploads an image gets a fair chance at getting their images seen and commented upon in the gallery). 

We also step a Plus Membership which gives you access to more features, including the ability to upload 100 images per month to your portfolio, download your from the word go uploaded photo file and you can also upload panoramic images, allow others to modify your photos (optional) and gain better insights respecting your photos photograph (also known as a photo) is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or/who is viewing them. ePHOTOzine Plus membership is priced at £15 a year

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For more information, on Plus Membership, have in the offing a read of this: 5 Reasons Why You Need ePHOTOzine Plus Membership


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