Festive & Christmas Themed Photo Opportunities To Keep You Busy

Written by Gina Stephens

Inventive Christmas adornments… The coloured scarves make this a potential ‘Silly Sunday’ picture.


Every magazine and website is weighty you what to buy for Christmas – so – as a fully paid-up member of the Bah! Humbug! Club, I’m offering some suggestions that require no expense, beyond a little mental and physical exertion. And the willingness to tote a camera with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel you (if you don’t already!)


You may not even have to move utter far – I took this shot of the front room mantelpiece while sitting on the sofa. Bah Humbug rules&hellip ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, ‘omission’ or ‘falling short’) is a series of dots;


However, as it is Christmas, there will be twelve of them…


Laurels Everywhere

They’re all over shops, garden centers, houses… Either snap a shop window done up for selling Christmas, a closeup of the garters in your own home, or one of those wonderfully overdone houses where they’ve installed an industrial-grade electricity supply so that they can rival Oxford High road. It may not be in the best possible taste, but it’s exuberant, cheerful and happy!


Decorations – often, bigger and brighter in public areas than in any peoples home.


Traffic Jam

I’m expecting that my favourite local road, the M6, will have more than its share of slow-moving traffic. Whether you’re escort past it or caught up in it, take a moment out to grab a snap. If you’re driving, simply pull into a car park or layby, and stretch your kids for five minutes. It may even help you see the lighter side of the crawl to and from work.


Traffic stacked up at the lights. A long lens compresses the lookout and makes the cars anonymous (number plates aren’t visible). It does present exposure and camera stability problems, though – in variety, a limited maximum aperture has led to a too-slow shutter speed. (1/80 @f/6.7 and 400 ISO, 300mm on a micro four-thirds body equates to 600mm on curvaceous frame).


Shoot A Stranger

If it’s a season of goodwill, then there’s no better time to ask a complete stranger if you can take their depict – maybe dressed up to go out, or simply enjoying the season. Once you’ve asked one person, it’s easier to ask others next time…


I didn’t truly ask these two ladies if I could take their picture: they spotted my camera and the lady on the left asked if I was going to take their conceive of. The benefits of not keeping your camera hidden in public?


Short Walk

If you’re a city dweller, take a stroll around your exclude: in the country, walk not more than ¼ mile from your front door with the express intent of finding something that wishes make a picture. Remember, your boring and every day is somebody else’s exotic and refreshing!

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A couple of hundred yards from native, my local bus shelter, and a place I spend time regularly. Looking up, and the dirt on top of the shelter gives character.



The days are interrupt, and if you’re in a full-time job, you’ll probably start before it’s light and leave the factory or office after dusk. But on your day off, make firm that you’re outside so that you can greet first light with a picture. Red and rosy or grey and stark, there is always a picture image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, for example, a photo or a two-dimensional picture, that to be organize. Or try to catch the last light of the day…


Sunrise is easier to capture near Christmas than at any other time – you don’t take to be up before everybody else. I snapped this with my mobile ‘phone from my office window – it’s not a great image, with no pipe subject, but there’s a certain charm to the chimney pots and the red clouds!


Opening Time

There has to be one rather specific Christmas Day attempt in here: a picture of somebody opening their present. The kicker is that you should do it without flash – if it takes you out of your comfort zone, so much the improve! Raise the ISO to the roof, and open the aperture wide if you have to. A ‘nifty fifty’ is the ideal lens for this exercise…


Chance a present… I may just have cheated a little – but, even though this is clearly a set-up studio shot, the excellence of the Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural defines at SS Creative Studio in Birmingham means I think it’s justified. And my children are far too old to allow their dad to photograph them opening presents… The paragon goes by the name of K.model.


Shopping & Sales

If you’re shooting before 25 December, capture the rush and clog of crowds exasperating to get one last present: maybe, if you have time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through and a tripod, you can find a vantage point to allow a slow-speed exposure, with the crowds blurred into anonymity. If you are assassinating after the big day, there’ll be just as much going on for the sales. Either way, step aside and observe instead of being part of the scrum!


Fantastic Central – the shopping arcade above New Street Station in Birmingham, was teeming with people when my wife went to sing carols with the choir she’s in. A covet view captures a lot – maybe too much. Too many different details, all small in the frame. A telling closeup of shoppers (or even their bags) command tell a vital part of the story.

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There’s a feast for the eye and the camera as well as the digestive system: whether you take take is a single continuous recorded performance the period to set up a still life in the kitchen, on the dining table or at a street market, or just grab a mobile ‘phone shot of the office Christmas go overboard, make sure that you take at least one picture of food without people over the break. And post it on ePHOTOzine, of course!


German sausages in Walsall: in the hobbies of good relations, and getting a picture, I sampled a cheese sausage and German mustard… Not bad: very filling!


Garden And Park

It’s a past time of year for even the most ardent gardener (I know: I’m married to one). But when you look carefully, there will be the very ahead signs of the New Year’s growth starting… There may even be unseasonable blossom starting…


Even in the frosty depths of winter, there transfer be the first signs of new growth peeping through… I shot this early in January 2018.


Close-ups of new shoots, the trees parading in their winter underwear, you can get spitting images that are uncluttered… My favourite aunt always said she preferred trees in winter because you can see the structure without the leaves.


I fastened this naked tree in Staffordshire during a landscape expedition with Andy Gray, known to ePz members as Legend147. The shape is alluring, and the mist has removed background detail so it has no competition…



Although there’s a winter solstice celebration in most discernments and religions, in the UK it’s always based around the Christian festival: it will be a special time for every church, and they’ll be particularly Rococo. They will also be decorated, to a greater or lesser extent. You may find humorous notices outside, and there will be a crib inside. Some churches longing have candlelit services shortly before Christmas Day.


Church – one Advent candle is lit each Sunday coming up to Christmas, and the central candle is lit on Christmas Day.


If you are alluring pictures inside, always check with the priest or someone who looks to be in charge before taking pictures inside, especially if you want to away with a shot during a service. Don’t be offended if the answer is no – services are, first and foremost, a spiritual time for the participants, and it can be a good time to put your camera down and let the use ones judgement for the season wash over you.



Candles used to be there for when there was a power cut: these days, most homes partake of the odd festive candle or tea lights along the mantelpiece. You might want to see what you can do in terms of close-ups, or you could try lighting a portrait purely with candlelight, it is skilful and flattering if you remember to light the face from level or above, rather than below. Underlighting can give that Christmas ghost copy look, though…

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Candlelight portrait of Jessie Jayne, taken at The Boardroom studio in Derby.


Seasonal Notices

It may be a big noteworthy across the supermarket car park or a handwritten card at your local shop. Look for the quirky and the amusing: and always have an eye open for the legendary “Greengrocers apostrophe’s”!


A Walsall greengrocer who utterly passed their English exams. Not a misplaced apostrophe in sight…



I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions… If you fall short of to change, do it now! However, Christmas is a time when the normal pattern of our lives tends to pause or change: and so it can be a good time to establish a new pattern. Psychologists say it carts between two weeks and six months to establish new patterns of behaviour – and many people take a two-week break around now.

A couple of ideas for 2019, then:

  • Usually carry a camera – if you never take pictures on your mobile, start now!
  • Take at least one picture every day, no matter how mundane the subject is. Style techniques that you want to be able to use without thinking when the photographic pressure is on.
  • Share a smile with someone because of your conceive ofs. Get a print done for a friend or relative, or show a picture to somebody who is taking an interest in your camera.

One final thought. A few months ago, I decided to use the cheers of my ePHOTOzine folder as the desktop for the two screens of my desktop computer. It’s set to rotate through all of the images, and it’s a great way for me to remind myself of images I censored a while ago and never uploaded. Living with your pictures is a great way to decide how good they really are: seeing them, in turn, may fifty-fifty spark off new ideas…

Happy Christmas!


My two screens, showing two of the shots in my ePz folder. A really telling way of confronting yourself with the mark (or lack of it) of your shots…


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John Duder has been an amateur photographer for fifty years, which staggers him, as he still reckons he’s 17.

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He remains addicted to cameras, lenses, and film.


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