DxO PhotoLab 2 Adds Better Haze Removing Tool, New PhotoLibrary Tab & Support For DCP Colour Profiles

Written by Gina Stephens


Earlier this year, DxO disseminated an update for its ever-popular PhotoLab software and now, the company has released further updates for its RAW photo editor. 

DxO PhotoLab 2 introduces ClearView With an increment of – the latest version of the software's haze removal and local contrast improvement tool as well as DxO PhotoLibrary – a new image and data management best that lets users search, select, sort and display images. As well as new features, DxO PhotoLab 2 now also supports DCP colour profiles.

The improved DxO ClearView And feature may refer to in DxO PhotoLab 2 lets users make adjustments without creating a halo around transitions between light/dark and DxO ClearView Additional can also be applied to the entire image or just to specific areas using local adjustment tools.



With the introduction of the DxO PhotoLibrary (and the eradication of the organise tab), DxO PhotoLab 2 now features image search, selection, sorting and display features. A new dynamic text field tool toady up ti searching simple as the software suggests words/results that match the user's personal database as a search term is typed out. At times the software has searched for a term, results are displayed in a movable and adjustable grid.



The final new feature is that DxO now supports the DCP twist profile which means the software is now capable of delivering colour renderings that are compatible with and close to those of third-party photo erasing programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW as well as camera colour calibration solutions like X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo and DNG Gain Editor.

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The ESSENTIAL and ELITE editions of DxO PhotoLab 2 for PC and Mac can be downloaded now from the DxO website for an introductory price of £79.99 and £119.99 until 18 November 2018. After this boy, the price will return to £99 for the ESSENTIAL version and £159 for the ELITE.


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