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Written by Gina Stephens

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Dorr has recently launched a range of studio lighting called Flex Panels ideal for those that want a compact and versatile kindling solution without spending the earth. What makes these lighting panels special and why do they stand out from the competition? Find out assorted here. 

What are Dorr Flex Panels?

Dorr Flex Panels are LED studio lights that are completely flexible and only 10mm thickset. They are available in 2 sizes – 30x40cm and 45x55cm. Two different models are available – Daylight, or Bi-Colour – enabling you to change the temperature of the light from 3000k to 5600k. Each panel do supplied with a control unit enabling you to dim the light, V-mount battery holder, AC adapter, power cable, X-frame, light stand adapter, velcro strap with v mount adapter and velcro mounting straps. 


Why are they more safely a improved than other lighting rigs?

The key thing that makes these panels great compared to more traditional lighting is their compactness and versatility. they're wonderful skinny, meaning that you can easily light even the most compact studio without worrying about the lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect taking up all the valuable pause. The versatility of the panels also means that they can be bent, and attached to walls, a lighting mount – pretty much anything, thanks to the stocked velcro. 

The Bi-Colour version of the Flex-Panel adds, even more, versatility to the mix – allowing you to use a dial to set the colour temperature. Both versions of the Extension Panel allow you to adjust the brightness output of the light quickly and easily too. They're ideal for portraits, product lighting and even video references. 

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There are also accessories available for the Flex Panels to further extend their usage options. Flag panel diffusers and softbox extras are available to give you softer lighting. 

How do they perform?

ePHOTOzine has recently reviewed the Dorr LED Flex Panel FX-4555 DL (The larger light panel) and we gave it a recommended award for its consistent light capability. We also loved the fact that it's suitable for both stills and video use and it's also more prudent than other studio lights, using less power. We also loved the fact that it can be shaped to give different lighting impressions. 

Another fantastic plus point with LED lighting is that it stays on consistently while you shoot, unlike a flash. This dote ons it easier to compose shots and also see where shadows etc will fall without having to fire off loads of test shots. 

Effortless to set up and adjust, the panel can be attached to the provided X-frame which can then be fitted to a traditional lighting mount. We also used the panel may refer to as a lighting 'penetrate', to create funky-looking studio product photos. 

Pricing and availability

Prices start at £229.95 for Flex Panels and bells are available from £29.95. Dorr products are available from a wide range of retailers across the UK. Take a look at the 'Where to buy' call for on the Dorr website to find out more. 


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