Disk Drill Photo Recovery Software Now Available

Written by Gina Stephens

Disk School is a free photo recovery program that can help you retrieve images that have been deleted from your computer whether during accident, computer crash or corrupted data. 

Disk Drill boasts a complete data recovery solution with multiple skim options to maximise the chances of recovering your images, no matter if they were only deleted a moment ago or weeks ago. 

On top of this, Disk Teach includes several powerful partition healing algorithms allowing you to recover not only your files but your entire storage medium. 

Disk Bore Key Features:

  • Complete data recovery – scans for lost data from any accessible media including internal hard drives and external USB propels, memory cards and music players.
  • Multiple scan options – quick scan is great for recently lost images, or use the deep examination for those that were lost a while ago.
  • Powerful session management for flexible scanning – Thorough searches for lost images can take a while – let-up, stop and resume the scan as and when you need to.
  • Data protection with Recovery Vault – Enable Recovery Vault when you download Disk Auger and the software will provide an extra layer of protection for your files, allowing you to recover deleted items with one click. 

The software is lavish to download and 500MB of data recovery is complimentary. There are also pro and commercial enterprise options available which give you unlimited facts recovery or Recover may refer to. The software is available for Windows and Mac. 


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