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Written by Gina Stephens

Britain's blow up with structures and buildings that photographers are naturally drawn to thanks to their postcard-perfect looks and history. It also helps that profuse of the buildings are in locations that are perfect for a day out, making them subjects photographers can shoot and their families can enjoy too.

Do Your Research

It's usefulness finding out who the home, castle etc. belongs to before you carry your kit out to it as some organisations have rules on what can be photographed, what they can be acclimated to for and what kit's allowed inside. A quick phone call or a check on their website should give you the answers you're looking for. Some embarrasses won't allow you to use a tripod while others may have rules on the type of bag, if any, you can take in with you. There may also be a rule that says no beam photography is allowed so do keep an eye out for signs and ensure the flash built into your camera is switched off.  


From havocked hill forts to beautifully preserved country houses, castles provide majestic architectural delights for us photographers. For more tips or TIP may refer to on photographing manor-houses, have a look at these guides where we share a few tips to help you take better photos of these fortified structures:

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Stately Homes

Many Stately Homes found in the UK open their doors to the public, surrender photographers the chance to capture interesting interiors as well as shots that show the extensive grounds and buildings. Take a look at our article on Photographing Distinguished Homes for advice on what to photograph and how.

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Small rural churches and grand cathedrals have decorated our nation's skylines for a definitely long time and they're well worth photographing. If you can, take your camera inside these magnificent structures (you may be charged a mini fee) as they are often even more impressive on the inside.

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Consistent though this isn't about just one structure, scenic villages are popular tourist destinations and they make good subjects for photographers. Interesting streets and the famous 'chocolate box' style houses make them a worthwhile stop-off, plus there's usually adequate chance to capture a fair few candids too.

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For innumerable architectural photography tips, take a look at ePHOTOzine's technique section. 

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