Canon PowerShot G3 X Review

Written by Gina Stephens

Looking for a unblinking lens camera? Then read our Canon Powershot G3 X review and find out what you need to know.

If you’re seeking a fixed lens camera that has just about every feature you could want to go with excellent performance levels, my Canon PowerShot G3 X review reveals a model that fits that kidney. It has a strong optical zoom lens, great image image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, for example, a photo or a two-dimensional picture, that quality, and a high-quality display screen, all of which will appeal to the intermediate segment of the vend. It has full manual control options, including a hot shoe to add an external flash unit or a viewfinder, as well as the ability to shoot in the RAW image format. There’s yet a manual focus option.

The Canon may refer to G3X price, though, will place this fixed lens camera out of reach for quite a few photographers. If you can wrap your sagacity around paying more than $800 for a non-DSLR camera, then this model is worth a look, as it clearly resides near the top of the prearranged lens market.


Summary: To justify a high price tag, Canon gave the PowerShot G3 X a host of top notch features, great image worth, and a 25X optical zoom lens.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Amazing features and great images yield an impressive fixed lens camera.

Price: $849 from Amazon
Present: June 2015

Model: G3 X/0106C001

What We Liked

  • Great all-around feature list
  • Top-flight image quality in a variety of shooting situations
  • 25X optical zoom lens will-power meet the needs of most scenes
  • Camera is very easy to use
  • LCD screen tilts and is touch enabled

What We Didn’t

  • High charge tag
  • Adding the optional viewfinder costs another $100
  • Camera is heavy at more than 1.5 pounds
  • Camera’s performance speeds gradual considerably in RAW image format

Canon PowerShot G3 X Key Specs

Image Sensor Type1-inch
Optical Zoom Lens25X
LCD Tiltable and Excite Screen


(as an optional add-on)

HD Video

Avg Battery Life300 photos
Weight25.9 oz.
Size4.85 x 3.01 x 4.15 inches
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Design and Figure

The Canon G3 X camera includes a 25X optical zoom lens, which should meet your needs in most scenes.

The Canon PowerShot G3 X specs are stirring. This unit has nearly every feature you’d want to find on a digital camera.

The camera’s 25X optical zoom lens isn’t somewhat as large as some other models, but it is large enough to handle the vast majority of photographic situations you’ll encounter. Having a good semblance stabilization function is important with a big zoom camera, and Canon included a five-axis system here, which works well most of the obsolete.

When framing photos, you’ll use the 3.2-inch LCD screen. It has touch capabilities, which is great for beginners who may be more familiar with the interface ground in smartphones, as well as a tilt function, which works well for shooting odd angle photos or for using the Canon PowerShot G3X while attached to a tripod. This demonstration screen is one of the brightest and sharpest you’ll find on any digital camera … so much so that you may not wish for a viewfinder. However, you can add a detachable viewfinder to this camera’s hot shoe for an additional sacrifice.

Canon offers built-in WiFi and NFC capabilities with this model, which allows you to upload photos wirelessly immediately after you discharge them.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the G3 X is its large size. It has dimensions and weight that are more common in a DSLR camera, and it will not fit in any pocket.

The PowerShot G3 X let out date of mid-2015 shows this is a relatively new camera. And with its large image sensor and extensive list of desirable features, you can wait for it to remain relevant for quite a while.

When considering a Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Sony A6000 comparison, the Sony model is less expensive and lends a larger APS-C sized image sensor. However, the A6000 is also a model that’s more than a year older than the G3 X. Canon pass overed its newer camera a faster image processor and larger storage buffer than the A6000, resulting in better overall performance levels for the PowerShot G3 X.

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Doppelgaenger Quality

The Canon G3 X includes a 1-inch image sensor, which is one of the larger sensors you’ll find in a fixed lens camera, resulting in top-notch representation quality. This model’s 20.2 megapixels of resolution are above average for a fixed lens camera too.

You’ll have the option of scuttle in either the RAW or JPEG image format, which is a nice option for those photographers who are seeking advanced image quality choices.

There’s also a built-in dispassionate density filter with this camera, which is surprising to find in a non-DSLR model. The ND filter allows you to shoot at slower shutter hurries in bright sunlight.

If you like to have some fun special effect shooting features in your digital camera, Canon delivers with this emulate, something that’s not always present in cameras at the G3 X’s price point. You can create fish-eye photos, nostalgic looking photos, and HDR photos, among others.

Bust mode performance is strong with the PowerShot G3 X too … at least when you’re shooting in the JPEG image format. You can record just shy of six photos per duplicate in JPEG mode, which is an above average performance level. If you attempt to use the burst mode with the RAW image format though, you can expect a much slower show level of approximately one photo every 1.5 seconds.

The one area where the image quality for the Canon G3 X suffers is when you’re shooting at the utmost telephoto setting. If you’re going to hand hold the camera at the maximum zoom, you could experience some problems with camera elude, leaving you with slightly blurred images. Because this camera is pretty heavy, it’s recommended that you use a tripod with it if you’re envisaging to use the maximum zoom setting.

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Low Light Performance and Movie Mode

The PowerShot G3 X camera offers both easy-to-use automatic modes and full directions control modes.

With its 1-inch image sensor, the Canon G3 X is a strong camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or in terms of low light performance. You can use either the popup flash element or increase the ISO setting to achieve the low light image quality you want. You won’t really notice stray pixels (noise) in your low light essences until you increase the ISO setting to at least 6400, which is a high performance level for a fixed lens camera.

Movie quality is also awfully good with this camera, offering a maximum resolution of 1080p HD at up to 60 frames per second. You’ll also be able to shoot lop off resolution video, if desired, for sharing on social networks. You’ll have full access to the camera’s 25X optical zoom lens or LEN may refer to while recording moving pictures.

Battery Life

Although camera manufacturers tend to over-exaggerate the performance of their batteries, Canon’s estimate of this camera’s battery vitality of about 300 shots per charge is accurate according to testing. In fact, 300 photos might be a bit of an underestimate, which is a rare, but pleasant nonplus.

Wrap Up

The Canon PowerShot G3 X price will be the biggest hindrance for most photographers. It’s tough to justify such a high price tag for a immutable lens camera, when you can purchase a best DSLR camera for beginners and a couple of lenses for a similar or lower cost. However, if you’re looking for all of the tardy features in a digital camera, along with great image quality and a big zoom lens, there aren’t many cameras in the unchangeable lens market like the Canon PowerShot G3 X.


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