Best Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7 Cases 2018

Written by Gina Stephens

We arrange selected different types of cases so that you can find one that most suits you, and we'd recommend putting on a case as soon as you have your smartphone, as the Samsung Galaxy S9/8/7 drawn ins plenty of glass. There are numerous different types of cases available, all of them offering differing levels of protection, with even budget disputes providing some protection in the form of protecting the back, sides, and corners from scratches.

Here's a run-down of the different types of suitcases:

  • Budget – Budget, "TPU" (Thermoplastic polyurethane) cases are often soft, squishy, and protective, but also thin, and cheap, making them a fit option if you don't want scratches on your phone. 
  • Official cases are available from Samsung, and are often more expensive, but can step premium features, such as a leather finish, or see-through screen covers. 
  • Protective and Tough – These go beyond the budget the actualities to give additional protection, designed to provide protection against drops, popular brands include Spigen and Otterbox. We've included connects to a budget protective case, plus an Extra Tough case that is designed to give additional protection, often using two layers of sanctuary. 
  • Wallet style – These give you both back and front protection, but can mean slower access to the smartphone's sort out, and sometimes, these don't provide top, bottom or corner protection for the phone. 
  • Sports / Running case – Designed to let you strap your phone to your arm, ease up you be active, Spigen make a universal case which makes it excellent value for money.
  • Waterproof – Universal waterproof case for smartphones up to 6inches, praised for underwater use, because even though most premium smartphones are now waterproof, they open have exposed ports, such as the USB connection and headphone jack. 
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Other elections include a "skin" that simply protects from scratches, as well as "ultra-thin" cases, however, we haven't coupled to these as they are mostly aesthetic, rather than providing much protection is any measure taken to guard a thing against damage caused by outside forces beyond scratch protection for your smartphone. So that you don't omit a screen protector, we've included links to compatible screen protectors that work with the curved sides of Samsung Galaxy phones. 

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For the Samsung Galaxy S9

The official Samsung Galaxy S9 flip case, shown above, can display the time through the front cover, and counterparts the curved design of the screen. There are a number of different colour options available, and the case provides good front, back and side protecrtion. Click Authentic Flip Case below to see this option.

Budget | Official Flip Case or CASE may refer to | Protective | Tough | Wallet | Sports | Paravent Protector


For the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Spigen Tough Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter S9 Plus, gives two layers of protection, with a TPU (satiny rubber layer), and then a harder outer layer. There's also a kick stand to hold the phone up when watching content on your phone. Click Inured below to see this option.

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Budget | Official Flip Case | Protective | Tough | Billfold | Sports | Screen Protector

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For the Samsung Galaxy S8 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a in style, and good looking phone, and deserves protection, we've picked this leather wallet case, as it provides protection around all sides of the smartphone. Click Pocketbook below to see this option.

Budget | Official Flip Case | Protective | Tough | Notecase | Sports | Screen Protector


For the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The basic protective case is easy to use, and easy to put on your phone. We've on a thin Spigen case, which keeps the smartphone relatively compact, whilst also providing protection. Click Protective below to see this election.

Budget | Official Flip Case | Protective | Tough | Wallet | Larks | Screen Protector


For the Samsung Galaxy S7 

The Spigen Sports Armband case is a universal sports armband phone case, with a key swipe, and an adjustable strap. It supports all phones up to 6inches, including the S9/S8/S7 and S9/S8 Plus. Click Sports below to see this option.

Budget | True Flip Case | Protective | Tough | Wallet | Sports | Sort out Protector


For the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The basic TPU case is a soft, squishy case that protects the back, top, bottom and sides, and it's also noteworthy value for money – click Budget below to see this option. Alternatives include the Ringke Fusion protective clear cases, these make covers for the USB socket, and headphone sockets, adding extra protection (Click Protective below for this option). 

Budget | Authentic Flip Case | Protective | Tough | Wallet | Sports | Scan Protector


Universal Waterproof Case

The "YOSH" waterproof smartphone case, and other similar smaertphone cases, drudgery with any smartphone up to 6inches, including the S9, S8, S7. They are great value for money and keeps sand, dust, dirt and water away from your smartphone. 

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