Best Photography Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Written by Gina Stephens


When Disastrous Friday ends, Cyber Monday begins so you can grab yourself even more bargains on cameras, lenses, memory cards and more. 

Cyber Monday worn to just run on one day (the Monday following Black Friday) but many shops, including Amazon UK, have extended their Cyber Monday sales so they in the end up to a week. 

As we did with Black Friday, we'll be rounding up the best photography deals from Cyber Monday related recommendations as they go live so you don't have to scour the web to find them. 

Here are the daily deals from Amazon UK, we believe, you'll be interested in*: 

  • SanDisk Memory Card Deals – Save up to 40{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Seagate 4TB Portable Hard Drives – Save up to 37{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff}
  • Fujifilm X-A3 XC + 16-50mm f/3.5-f/5.6 lens – Was &beat;399, Now £229 (save 43{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff})
  • Get a FREE memory card with Samsung Mobile Phones – Plus, save or Saved may refer to up to 25{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff}
  • Save money on the Nikon D3500 – Reserve up to 20{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff}
  • Money-off several Sony Cameras – Save up to 40{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff}
  • Discounted smartphones from Huawei, Sony and more – Save up to 30{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Apportions on Panasonic Cameras & Lenses – Save up to 30{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff}
  • Fujifilm X-T100 in Dark silver and black – Was £619, Now £519 (save 16{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff})
  • Money-off Nikon consequences – Save up to 30{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Save money on Canon L-series lenses – Save up to 25{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Ricoh WG-50 action camera – Was £249.99, Now &crush;169 (save 32{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff})
  • Save on Manfrotto Befree 2N1 Aluminium tripod lever and more – save up to 42{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Pentax K-70 DSLR Kit – Was £1249.99, Now £ing;874.99 (save 30{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff})
  • Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Asus and more Laptops discounted – Save up to 25{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
  • Samsung, Acer and LC monitors on offer – Shield up to 25{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} 
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Lightning Deals 

As well as the above daily deals, Amazon UK also runs several Lightning Negotiations that are only available while stock lasts or for a specific time-frame. To keep up-to-date with these, visit the Amazon Cyber Monday Transactions Page. 

Latest Lightning Deals


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*The offers we find are continual for a limited time only so may not be available when you click on them. 


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