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Setting a new standard of excellence for travel photography, the Befree Advanced Collection from Manfrotto has been designed to be compact, portable and incredibly steadfast – providing a professional solution for photographers on the go. The initial launch of the collection saw twist locks included on the Befree for the first time, a brand-new heart ball head – the small but powerful 494, a unique 200PL-PRO aluminium plate, a newly designed spider and new leg angle selectors.  

Now, for the at the start time in the history of the Befree range, Manfrotto have added the Befree 2N1 – the most versatile model in the Befree series. An all-in-one finding out that allows the tripod tripod is a portable three-legged frame or stand, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of to be converted into a robust monopod, the Befree 2N1 means that the Befree Advanced Collection now offers a full grade of travel tripods.

The ideal solution for photographers who want versatility and maximum performance, the Befree 2N1 is intuitive and fast to operate. Simply unlock the identity theory on the leg with the leg warmer on, pull out the tripod column and join the two solid aluminium blocks using the dedicated cap screwed under the column. The monopod has a payload of 5kg, whilst the tripod has a payload of 8kg.

At ones fingertips with a choice of either Advanced M-locks (twist) or QPL Travel lever leg locks to cater for all. The M-Locks are a fast, easy-to-use solution with no ballooning parts, whilst the QPL Travel lever locks are a lighter version of the locks used by the 190 and 055 collections that make set up and adjustment leisurely and secure.

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Both versions of the Befree 2N1 feature ergonomic leg angle selectors that are smartly positioned to enable right and left handed photographers to swop shooting perspectives intuitively and to find the right tripod height without losing focus on the shot they want.   

The spider has been worked to ensure perfect stability on all types of terrain, even the most uneven so your camera is always kept completely steady and ready to nab sharp images. The Easy Link is included, allowing photographers to add accessories such as lights or reflectors to enhance their creativity – something that was only once achieved with heavily accessorised tripods.  

The Befree 2N1 is kitted out with the 494 aluminium Centre ball head – a diminutive but powerful and intuitive head that allows quick and precise camera movement. Featuring three independent controls: a main knob for watch over the sphere lock, an integrated friction control knob that adjusts the ball tension so that equipment weight is always perfectly poised and shots are framed effortlessly and an independent panoramic knob that keeps the horizon flat and moves the camera horizontally, enabling astonishing scene shots. In addition, the head mounts a unique plate that makes it fully compatible with the world’s most widespread extras: Manfrotto RC2 and Arca Swiss style. When this aluminium plate is fixed to the camera, all Manfrotto heads and almost all tripod heads on the bazaar that feature the Arca style attachments can be set up rapidly and effortlessly with no need for disassembling components.

Alongside the Befree 2N1, there have been a variety of other additions to the Befree Advanced range. The Befree Nerissimo is the most elegant travel tripod for photographers with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel an eye for design and detail. Built of the finest aluminium, the Befree Nerissimo blends high-quality materials with an exclusive matte black finishing which gives an unusual and unique finish but also avoids light reflection.

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For professional photographers needing a superior performance when they are travelling, the Befree GT is the most professionally benefited solution Manfrotto’s travel tripod range. With a payload of 10kg, it features the same quality of build and design as the rest of the Befree Loan a beforehand collection. With thicker legs for added stability it is the perfect combination of portability and sturdiness – folding down to just 43cm. Mounting the 496 aluminium Pivot Ball Head that allows smooth and precise camera movement, the Befree GT is lightweight yet solid and easy to set up and operate.  

Adroit for videographers on the go, the Befree Live is a compact travel video tripod kit that is now available with both M-locks and QPL travel locks. Despite its stinting size there is no compromising on sturdiness or image quality thanks to the Befree Live Fluid Head head is the part of an organism which usually includes the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, each of which aid in various sensory. The head has a fluid drag system on pan and encounter and keeps your camera perfectly balanced thanks to its sliding video plate.

The Befree Advanced, Befree GT and Befree Live are available in both carbon and aluminium renditions.

The final addition to the Befree range are two limited edition Camouflage models that will be exclusive to

All models in the Befree Advanced compass are manufactured with superior materials in Manfrotto’s Italian headquarters that are recognised as a flagship of operational excellence and innovation. The full Befree Promoted range offers photographers a tripod whatever their travel needs and plans are.

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Prices start from £174.95. For more knowledge please head to the Manfrotto website.


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