Be Aware Of Counterfeit Hoya Filters

Written by Gina Stephens


Experienced imports and counterfeit goods are something the photography industry are continuously battling and today, Intro2020 has found several bogus Hoya filters listed on AliExpress as well as other websites.

The UK-based distributor purchased some of the counterfeits so they could have the drinking-glass tested by Hoya in Japan and the results showed that the glass in the counterfeit filters was, quite literally, window glass.



Counterfeits can be entirely easy to spot as they often have errors on the packaging (see the above images) and are, most of the time, available at a much lower price to the essential thing. 

Those purchasing Hoya filters who want to check that they are making a purchase from a reputable source can on the Intro2020 website where they will find a list of Hoya stockists who are based in the UK and supplied by Intro2020.


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