Backlighting Flowers For Photography

Written by Gina Stephens


Assuage life objects such as flowers can look great when simply lit by sunlight from behind. However, if you're working indoors next to a window they much look out onto gardens, streets and other distracting objects which don't make great backgrounds and can spoil the shot. You can, of course, liquidate the background with editing software but by simply placing a plain object behind your subject you'll save yourself a lot of time. A childlike piece of card or cloth will work just fine.

You have to be careful where you place your new background as it can block the sun but by holding it or, if you can, take a rest someone else to hold it, the background can be moved around while you look through the viewfinder to see what position works the best. The trick is to smite it as high up behind the object without any sun being shielded. Don't position the object you're photographing too close to the background either as no light will-power be able to get to it. If you enjoy doing these sort of photos you could even create a purpose built set up that could be used again and again for indoor flat life shots.

If you have to position your camera/background may refer to: Background (journalism) Computer wallpaper Cultural heritage Ethnic background Field (heraldry), background of a so some of the window creeps in at the top don't worry; you can crop it out later when you get your concept onto the computer. 

When holding the flower take care with your shutter speed as going too slow will effect in shake and as you're working with direct light, going too slow will leave you with a shot that's over-exposed. Don't use a too wider chasm as the petals towards the front and back of the image will start to lose focus. Try starting with f/8 and reduce/increase from there.

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