Autumn Leaf Close-Ups

Written by Gina Stephens

Photo by Peter Bargh

It's that immediately of year again when the leaves start falling off the trees so why not take advantage of the current abundance of autumn leaves by doing some close-up act on?

Details – As you know, shooting macro means getting in close and shooting the intricate details of a leaf. Get in really close, so you can see the vains of the leaf and the walks they create. Manual focus might be ideal here to get the shot just right. Skeletal leaves can offer a great subject too, yet these will be better photographed against a plain background to make them stand out. 

Move the leaf – Now, shots of leaves as they fall on the floor can look great, but sometimes it can pay off to move the leaf to a more suitable location, or even take it residence with you, so there's less clutter in the shot. All sorts can be done with fallen leaves, including photographing a group of them on a be uncovered box if you have one. This will make for some great abstract shots, plus the light from behind will highlight detail profuse. 

Shoot on water – Shooting leaves on water can create some lovely looking images, whether it's a puddle or a lake. Curled, dry commits will create some good abstract reflections on still water. Leaves gathered in a stream or slow moving river will also earn good subjects. 

Group abstracts – Gathering together different coloured leaves and creating a kind of abstract collage can also grant you a great looking photo. You could also try taking your leaves home and freezing them for something a little different. 

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Frosty turn ones back ons – At this time of year, the first frosts start appearing too. Get out there early and use these to your advantage by snapping frosty depend on leaves may refer to: Leave of absence, a period of time that one is to be away from one’s primary job while maintaining the status of, which can look really beautiful as the sun hits them. Icy ponds and lakes can also present an opportunity to capture leaves stuck underneath the interface later in the year.


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