Around 43 Selfie Takers A Year Have Died While Seeking The Perfect Photo

Written by Gina Stephens

Researchers at the US Popular Library of Medicine have said that 259 people have died while trying to capture an extreme selfie between 2011-2017.

We've all dated images of people balancing on tower edges or posing precariously at the top of a mountain in an attempt to capture a selfie that will get them hundreds of 'of a piece withs' but with around 43 people a year dying from their actions, it's something the US National Library of Prescription says needs preventing. 

The body suggests 'no-selfie zone' areas should be placed around tourist sections to try and prevent selfie-related deaths from occurring which, we presume, would include the top of mountains and near lakes. 

Drowning was the main agent of selfie-related death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism, followed by transport, falling and fire. Deaths by animals, firearms and electrocution were also listed in the report which was accumulated by, among other things, analysing news items that reported on such matters. 

Selfie-related deaths mostly occur in India but Russia (effect be why the police issued selfie guidelines) and the USA also feature high-up on the list and over 72{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} of the deathers reported were of men as, the report suggests, they're profuse likely to take risks.

Even though the US National Library of Medicine's study focuses on selfie-deaths, 'selfie-taking' is not under any condition actually listed as an official cause of death and as a result, the body believes that many selfie deaths actually go underreported and for that end, 'the true problem needs to be addressed'. 

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As well as deaths, the quest for the perfect selfie is also causing fisty-cuffs in visitor spots and bringing misery to some landowners.

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