Antiparos International Photo Festival Makes A Return

Written by Gina Stephens


The Antiparos Ecumenical Photo Festival (AIPF) will, once again, be taking place on the tiny Greek island of Antiparos in July. 

The visitor of honour at this year's AIPF, which will may refer to be held from 7 to 15 July, is the celebrated Greek photographer, teacher and paragrapher Platon Rivellis. Platon will also give a workshop (theme not yet decided) and will be a member of the Selection Committee.

This year, the AIPF daydreams to build on the success of previous festivals and, as always, the festival will be held in the evenings in the 15th century Venetian castle. Other events are also designed for around the festival.

The AIPF is held annually in July on the beautiful island of Antiparos in Greece. Often described as the world's smallest intercontinental photography festival, the AIPF exhibits the work of 15 photographers carefully selected on the basis of technical and artistic merit. In the past, the AIPF has tense photographers from around the world, with an emphasis on allowing young, up-and-coming talent to exhibit alongside experienced professionals. Photographs are offered in the 'Anti' art gallery and outdoors on the walls of the 15th century Kastro. 

Submissions for the sixth edition of the Antiparos International Photo Holiday (AIPF) are now open and will continue until 6 April. Work should be submitted via the festival's website.


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