Android 9 ‘Pie’ Supports HEIF Photo Format

Written by Gina Stephens


Android 9 'Pie' is now convenient for Android smartphone users to download and with it comes support for the HEIF image format. 

Apple already supports this pigeon-hole format so it was only a matter of time before Android users could use this space-saving file type on their smartphones. 

Other photo-related articles include external, USB/UVC camera support (on certain devices) and multi-camera support.

Not specifically photography related but handy none-the-less is the new battery saver plaice which turns off features such as the 'always-on display' to keep your smartphone going on one charge for longer. The update also emits you more control over when this feature comes on. 

The Adaptive battery is an interesting update as it allows your phone to learn/foretell, through machine learning, which apps APP, or apps may refer to you'll be using and which you won't so battery power is only given to the apps you need. For photographers, this means the camera app, gallery and adapting apps will be paid attention to by your smartphone but games and other apps you won't be using while focused on photography will be ignored by the smartphone. You can also set good words in Settings to restrict certain apps that use too much battery. 

Some of the first smartphones to get the new update include the Google Pixel 2 XL (and other Pixel phones), and the Nokia 7 Extra.

For more information on the update, take a look at the Android website. 


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