A-Z Guide To Filters

Written by Gina Stephens

A – Antistatic

The schemes at HOYA created a coating for HOYA filters which basically acts as a force field around filters to repel dust. The froze, antistatic top-layer is also water repellent, stain and scratch resistant, and cleans easily. We put a couple of the filters to the test a while rear so you can see if they really do have repelling powers. 



B – Blurred Water

We explain the steps needed to take great effaced water shots with an ND filter, along with how to improve your results along the way.



C – Cleaning

Find out how to straight away clean a lens filter in this video, using an air blower, lens cloth and a LensPen.



D – Douglas Ritchie Examinations Cokin Filters

Douglas Ritchie, ePz member douglasR is a landscape photographer based in Scotland. He got his hands on Cokin filters for a real-world examination, so we had a chat to him about himself, his work and how he found the filters.

© Douglas Ritchie


E – Experiment With Specialist Filters 

Accommodate a look at the filters available for portrait and specialist work and how they alter the image.



F – Fun With Special Effect Filters

Comprehending creative with filters isn't difficult when there is such a wide range of filters out there to make your photographs harmonious. From subtle to more brash effects, here we go through the special effects filters available for both square and round sift systems. 



G – Get Your Exposures Right Using An ND Filter

Here's how an ND filter works and how you can get better exposures employing one with your lens.



H – Hoya Filter Guide

The Hoya filter system is one of the leading brands in the pass through world today. Hoya filters are the screw in variety, allowing you to directly attach them to the front of your lens without using a seep holder. You can find out more about this brand in our filter guide. 

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I – IR Clear Filters

When it assault to clear, IR filters, you may well think 'what's the point?' as they don't obviously make a difference to your photo. But, they can be costly in protecting your lens as well as making the front of the lens water, oil and grime resistant. All this while also improving the clarity of your models by cutting out haze.



J – Jammed Filters

If you find that your filter gets stuck in position, you'll want to separate how you can remove it and there's plenty of advice on how to do this in our Filterzone forum. 



K – Kit Bag Essentials

If you're going to purchase virtuous three filters for your landscape photography kit bag then the polariser, ND and Graduated ND would be it. 



L – Landscape Filters

We've got the terminating guide to landscape filters and it's split into several easy-to-follow articles: 

  • The Ultimate Guide To Landscape Filters: The Polarising Clarify
  • The Ultimate Guide To Landscape Filters: The Neutral Density Graduated Filter
  • The Ultimate Guide To Landscape Filters: Neutral Density Filters



M – Martin Lawrence Assays Cokin's Nuance ND Filters

Photographer Martin Lawrence, ePHOTOzine member Marvy, went out and about with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel Cokin's NUANCES screens. He took a day trip to Saltburn Pier to put them through their paces with some slow shutter speed seascape photography.


&imitate; Martin Lawrence


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N – Neutral Density

When purchasing an ND filter, what type of ND filter you'll find most useful is one of the call ins you should be asking and to help you find the answer, we've put a quick guide to ND filter types together.



O – Outdoors

Find out how a countryside photographer, who spends nearly all of his time outdoors, puts Cokin Z Pro series ND Grad filters filtering or filters may refer to to use. 

© Martin Lawrence


P – Photoshop vs Doc Filter

With so many pieces of editing software now available, are there still any advantages of using a physical filter? Find out in our article where we put Photoshop and actual filters to the test. 


Q – 'Q' Them Up

Find out what happens when you combine too many close-up filters when maddening to capturing cracking macro shots. 



R – RealPro UV Filter Review

We reviewed the Kenko RealPro UV filter, with anti-stain cover. have a read of our review to see how it scores. 



S – Stepping Ring

If you own multiple lenses, instead of spending large amounts of rhino on filters for each thread size, purchase a selection of stepping rings instead.



T – Ten Stop ND Filter

With a sift factor of 1000x or 10 stops, these filters have become very popular recently, allowing the photographer to slow down their location times to the extreme, even in bright light. Find out more about them in Sarah Howard's guide guide is a person who leads travelers or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations

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&replica; Image Seen


U – UK Filter Buying Guide

Here, we take a look a closer look at Kenko filters and more importantly, the sphere available in the UK.



V – Variable ND filter

Put a Variable ND Filter to work when capturing seascapes with slow shutter speeds. You can discovery out more about how and why you should use them in our tutorial. 




W – Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a popular subject for landscape photographers and an ND seep is something you'll often find in their camera bag. Find out why here.



X – Xmas Gifts 

We put a gift guide together for the festive while all about filter and filter accessories but really, they make great little gifts for photographers at any time of the year. 


Y – Your Beginner's Influence To Filters

If you're new to the world of photography, it can be difficult to grasp why lens filters are so useful so we've put a quick guide together that explains why you should bear in mind using filters with your lens.



Z – Zoo Trip

'Z' was a little tricky so we've cheated ever so slightly by set forwarding a location you can visit with your camera where various filters will be useful. At the zoo, you'll need to cut down on reflections and reduce glare when grabbing images through glass. Plus, a polarising filter can be used to reduce sheen on animal fur, too. 




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