9 Composition Rules For Landscape Photography


Photographer Toma Bonciu, aka 'Photo Tom', has continued a new tutorial to his YouTube channel that's sticking with the landscape theme but this time, it's all about the rules of composition. 

In the video tutorial, which is eye 10 minutes long so you can watch it on your break, Toma uses his own photos to demonstrate how lines, shapes, movement in clouds, vignettes and more can assist guide the eye and create a more pleasing tutorial. 

Other tips include filling the frame, using the middle of the photo to centre prominence, using a 'pop' of natural colour to make a particular subject stand out and taking advantage of negative space. 

Enjoy the tutorial and if you comprise any useful tips, please do share them below. 


More Of A Rebel? 

If you're a rebel at heart and fancy separation some rules, take a look at our composition tutorial tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process that's all about breaking photography rules. 


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