8 Simple DIY Kitchen Photography Tips


It's that at the same time of year where skies turn darker earlier and you have to turn the heating up a couple of degrees in preparation for the chilly mornings. Now, some photographers be crazy a cold, crisp morning for taking photographs but there's also those who prefer to stay indoors where it's guaranteed to be a lot warmer. If you're not an out of doors winter explorer, you can still enjoy your favourite hobby from the comfort of your own home and the best part, the tips in the above tutorial don't touch spending money so you can have fun with photography while watching the pennies. 

The tutorial, which comes from the creative COOPH combine, features 8 simple tips that will teach you how to capture great photos, that are also fun, in your kitchen. It's a super-simple series to grasp that includes making funny faces on eggs, shooting through a cheese grater, creating shadows with kitchen utensils and minimizing with reflections. 

If you've not got your fill of kitchen-themed photography tutorials, we have a few more features and techniques for you to take a look at which allow for photographing cutlery creatively, 6 photography tutorials tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process you can try without leaving your home and 52 things you can photograph at home. 


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