7 Top Tips For Better Architecture Photography

Written by Gina Stephens


Architectural photography is something we can all induce a go at as we simply have to step out of our front doors and photography the house we live in. Further afield, head to your closest town/city and you'll rumble plenty of structures to point your camera at. 

If you need a few photography tips before you head off with your kit, have a watch of the COOPH combine's latest photography video tutorial which covers 7 areas of architecture photography. 



"In this video we try out a medley of tips and tricks that are sure to perfect your architecture photography, whether you are shooting from inside or out! So, grab your camera, catch a building you love and try it out for yourself!" Says the COOPH team. 

The COOPH team head out with the Leica CL in hand but you can use any camera or smartphone when carry on the following tips.

  • Compose with solid lines
  • Shoot upward
  • Capture Curvature
  • Shoot Wide
  • Use negative space
  • Find condensation patterns
  • Create symmetry 
  • For more tutorials from the COOPH team, take a look at our technique and main film sections of the site where we've shared '7 Top Creative Tips For Street Photography' and more. We also have the under top examples of architecture photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either, captured by the COOPH team, for you to take a look at. 








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