7 Top Creative Tips For Street Photography

Written by Gina Stephens


The COOPH together have another excellent video tutorial to share with us and this time, it's all about street photography. 

Armed with the Leica CL, the COOPH set were lucky enough to visit Paris but you can use the tips they have to share in any city and you can capture your shots with any camera, or yet a smartphone. 

"We try out a variety of tips and tricks that will give your street photographs a more original look and sensible of," says the COOPH Team. 


The 7 tips include:

  • Shoot silhouettes
  • Capture reflections
  • Seek out form and shape
  • Look for point by point
  • Make colour your focus
  • Recreate history (use old photos in your shots of streets)
  • Add motion to your shots  
  • What are you lingering for? Grab your camera, head into town and try the tips out for yourself.







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